5 Teams with the Best Chance of Keeping the New England Patriots from Hoisting the Lombardi Trophy

By Chris Ransom

5. Houston Texans Houston has had the offense in place to get to the playoffs for the past few years since Matt Schaub has stayed healthy.  The main question in Houston was the Texans defense.  Houston finally has a defense that can get them to the playoffs.  Can this Texans defense help Houston win in the playoffs?  Houston switched to the 3-4, moved Mario Williams to the 3-4 right outside linebacker role, and obtained Jonathan Joseph in free agency.  Joseph is a premium #1 shutdown corner who can take away part of the field.  Joseph is not in the same league as Revis, but Joseph is a premium shut down corner.

4. Baltimore Ravens The Ravens have defeated New England in the postseason before.  Baltimore has a balanced offense with Joe Flacco and Ray Rice.  Baltimore has a blindside who can pass block and run block with Michael Oher.  The Ravens have a sack artist in Terrell Suggs.  If the wide receivers and corners can step up then Baltimore has a good chance to knock off the New England Patriots.

3. New York Jets The Jets knocked off New England last year.  They have Revis and Cromartie.  With Ochocinco and Welker playing at wide receiver New England should have an edge over the Jets secondary this time around.  The Jets are still a formidable rival and currently hold bragging rights over the New England Patriots after their playoff win.

2. Green Bay Packers The Green Bay Packers are one of the most complete teams in the NFL.  They nearly defeated the New England Patriots without Aaron Rodgers.  When the Packers had Charles Woodson on the field in Super Bowl 45 Hines Ward was limited to 1 reception for 4 yards and it was impossible to throw on Green Bay’s secondary.  Pittsburgh could not pick apart the Packers defense until Woodson left the game with an injury.

1. Atlanta Falcons Atlanta signed Ray Edwards and that is what puts them over the top.  They have a quarterback, two blue chip offensive tackles, two sack artists at defensive end who compliment each other, 2 shutdown corners in Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes, finally you have 2 wide receiving targets with the potential to be #1 go to wide receivers.  I really like the Falcons and I believe their the most complete team that does not have a Super Bowl.  That makes Atlanta a team with a huge chip on their shoulder because teams who usually get to the Super Bowl win during their first appearance.

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