Vikings QB Donovan McNabb Believes Eagles 'Dream Team' Has More Problems Than People Realize

By Dan Parzych

The Philadelphia Eagles have been quite the hot topic since the lockout came to an end over a week ago–mainly because they continue to find ways to add key players to their roster for the 2011 season. While this year’s “Dream Team” should benefit from the addition of players like Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, and Cullen Jenkins, one former player believes the team may have more problems than people realize–former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Maybe he’s just bitter about the organization making all of these moves two years after his departure, but McNabb had some interesting comments when asked about the Eagles and their so-called “Dream Team” they’ve put together for the 2011 season. McNabb talked with the media after practice on Tuesday and one of the hot topics of discussion was about his former team and how they may have more problems than people realize.

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“I was there for 11 years, and the biggest thing we brought in was T.O. [Terrell Owens],” said McNabb. “Now they’re getting the so-called ‘Dream Team.’ It’s amazing, but I look back on my career and what they’re doing now … that’s great; that’s excellent. But you’re seeing another side. You’re seeing Andy (coach Andy Reid) taking that chance. It’s not just taking that chance on one guy. They’re taking a chance on a bunch of guys. And they’re spending money. That’s amazing. Ever since the lockout [ended], teams have to spend money.”

“With T.O.,” he said, “after the first two or three weeks of training camp we felt like we had something. But you never say, ‘Aw, we’re going to win the Super Bowl. Fans say that. Radio says that. But now they expect them to win.”

“Now they bring in a Cullen Jenkins, and we all know he’s a dominant force. They bring in a Nnamdi Asomugha. You have Rodgers-Cromartie, who is the one they don’t mention the most because they have Asante Samuel, too. The problem is: What do you do with Asante Samuel?”

“Then, you’ve got to worry about DeSean (Jackson). When he comes back are you going to give DeSean the ball or throw it to (Jeremy) Maclin? Remember, you have to give LeSean McCoy the ball, too. And then at the end you still have to pay Mike Vick. They have more problems than people are looking at.”

McNabb spent the first 11 seasons of his career with the Eagles before he was traded to the Washington Redskins prior to the 2010 season. Other than the short stint with Owens, there were numerous occasions in Philadelphia where McNabb pleaded for the organization to bring in key players to give them a better shot at the Super Bowl–but they never made as many moves as they have this offseason.

Unfortunately, McNabb’s closest shot at being part of a “Dream Team” may have been during the 2004 season–when he received heavy criticism after the team fell to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. It’s safe to say McNabb is still bitter towards the organization for trading him to Washington and with these recent comments–it’s hard not to think No. 5 feels bitter about the Eagles not putting together a team like this a few years ago when he was around.

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