Examining the New England Patriots Second Team Roster Heading Into the Preseason

By Chris Ransom

I examined New England’s first team in my previous article.  Now I will discuss the 2nd team that you may see in next Thursday’s contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback Brian Hoyer

Running Back Tandem #2 Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris

Flanker Receiver Brandon Tate

Secondary Receiver Julian Edelman

Slot Receiver Taylor Price

Tight End Lee Smith

Left Tackle Nate Soldier

Left Guard Thomas Austin

Center Ryan Wendell

Right Guard Rich Orhnberger

Right Tackle Mark Levoir

2nd Team Offensive Summary: Aaron Hernandez will get reps with the first team since he was used in 2 tight end sets as a rookie.  Lee Smith should play the second team.

The Patriots second team Offensive Line has made a lot of changes.  New England has made changes at offensive tackle and guard.

Nate Soldier will be the 2nd team left tackle with Mark Levoir moving to a 2nd team right tackle role after being a 2nd team left tackle for New England behind Matt Light each of the past 3 seasons.  Levoir could be a nice rotational right tackle behind Sebastian Vulmer after being Matt Light’s backup for 3 years.  It makes sense for Soldier to be New England’s second team left tackle since he was New England’s 2011 first round pick.

Thomas Austin was a right guard and center at Clemson.  He has better size than Rich Orhnberger who has played left guard the past two seasons.  Orhnberger will move to right guard this season.

Austin needs his reps so he may play on New England’s 3rd team too now that Marcus Cannon and Mike Berry are injured.

Second Team Defense

3-4 Right End Mike Wright

Nose Tackle Ron Brace

3-4 Left End Kyle Love

3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Markell Carter

3-4 Middle Linebacker Gary Guyton

3-4 Middle Linebacker Dane Fletcher

3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Marques Murrell

Primary Cornerback Ras I Dowling

Secondary Cornerback Kyle Aarington

Strong Safety Brandon McGowan

Free Safety James Sanders

2nd Team Defense Summary: This defense is a quality 2nd team defense that can provide serviceable depth behind the first team.  Some of the 2nd team defenders have been on the first team and have performed like first team players.  The problem is that these players are best served as 2nd team players.


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