In Effort to Get Under the Cap, Houston Texans Restructure Contracts of DeMeco Ryans, Andre Johnson, and Antonio Smith

By Jeff Shull

The Houston Texans were still$3.25 million over the cap this morning (according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter), but could have got under that number when the Texans announced they have restructured the contracts of DeMeco Ryans, Andre Johnson, and Antonio Smith.

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On the subject of restructuring his deal, Ryans said “Anything I can do to help the team get better, get where we need to be.”

Just last year Johnson received a two year extension worth $38 million, making him the highest paid wide receiver in the league at an annual salary of $10.5 million.

I guess he’s willing to do his part for the team now that the NFL salary cap dropped $8 million. It’s always good to see your star players setting examples for the other players on the team. Now that the Texans are under the cap they can finally put that behind them and concentrate on football.



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