Could New England Switch to a 4-3?

By Chris Ransom

There is talk buzzing around the internet that the New England Patriots will indeed make the switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3 this season.  New England has the personnel to make the switch to the 4-3 if the Patriots desire to even though this team would probably be better served for the 3-4 defensive scheme which they currently run.  Below is a list of what their front 7 defense could look like if they switched to the 4-3 defense

Right End Andre Carter

Defensive Tackle Vince Wilfork

Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth

Left End Jermaine Cunningham

Right Outside Linebacker Jerod Mayo

Middle Linebacker Brandon Spikes

Left Outside Linebacker Rob Nikovich

Cunningham was a 4-3 left end at Florida next to Carlos Dunlap while Mayo was a 4-3 weak side linebacker Tennessee.  Haynesworth had his best years with the Titans in the 4-3 scheme at defensive tackle.  Andre Carter played right end in college as a pass rusher.

New England’s front 7 has tons of flexibility in terms of depth as long as the front 7 stays healthy with no injuries occurring.  Lots of missed practices and injuries may limit the teams ability.

Its too early to buy into any of these training camp smokescreens because New England has not put a player on injured reserve at this point.  In terms of injuries I am not too worried about early season injuries in training camp as long as no one gets put on injured reserve.

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