Brad Childress Needs to Close His Mouth

By Living Baseball

Brad Childress has gone out and publicly ripped Randy Moss, and the signing of him last year. Am I the only one thinking- Shut up Brad Childress! Seriously, the Minnesota Vikings had more problems than Randy Moss, and Childress himself was a terrible coach, a horrible leader- and did everything wrong in handling Brett Favre. He split the locker room himself and now he’s coming off as a spoiled, bitter, and obnoxious ex-coach that likely will NEVER get another head coaching gig.

When you air out this kind of laundry in public, no professional athlete will ever want to play for you. They won’t trust you. They won’t come to you with issues…and they won’t be open with you. How can you manage a professional team? It’s just insanely obnoxious that now Randy Moss has retired- so Brad Childress is allowed to talk as much smack as he wants. I’m surprised Randy Moss hasn’t retaliated- because I certainly would. Shut up Brad Childress.

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