Patriots Looking at Darren Sharper

The Patriots are looking at cheap ways to improve the quality of their team, and have reached out to Darren Sharper to see how interested he would be in joining their ranks for a shot at a ring. They’re bringing him in today along with TJ whose your mama to take a look.

If he looks even decent, I suspect they’ll try and bring Sharper to the fold. He’s an experienced player, who is battle tested and could really help out the secondary in a pinch. I would imagine he would be one heck of a defensive leader so this is a no risk and all reward move. We’ll see what happens but it appears New England is looking at adding.

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  • 4godsakes

    The Saints need to come to some type of agreement with Sharper. He experience along is a value asset that the Saints came use with so many young players as defensive backs. Patriots know how valuable he could be.

  • Brett Rosin

    I’m pretty shocked that the Saints might just let Sharper walk. He was huge for that secondary and will be for the Patriots in same form if signed.

  • Picetti12

    The Saints really shouldn’t let this one go and being a Saints fan I am hoping/praying they dont!! He’s an experienced asset to that team! Both parties bring the history and talent required for another Championship!!!