Colt McCoy Getting Pointers From Brett Favre: A Fan's Perspective

By Brian Murtaugh

Media reports surrounded the Cleveland Browns this week as Colt McCoy and the front office came clean about the former Texas Longhorn’s actions during the summer months. McCoy reportedly traveled to Mississippi to work with future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Brett Favre, for multiple days. The two signal callers worked on many aspects of the West Coast offense including footwork, check-downs, and the use of the running backs.

In the eyes of a Browns fan and writer, this gives great optimism for McCoy’s development and the 2011 season.

Favre played football at the highest level in the NFL for many seasons and knows the West Coast better than arguably any quarterback on the planet. McCoy’s time to develop throughout the summer months was cut short due to the NFL lockout and the “no contact” rule between the coaches and players. Favre spent so much time learning under Mike Holmgren throughout their time together in Green Bay, he would be the perfect player/coach for McCoy in Pat Shurmur’s system.

The fact that the Browns quarterback took the time to seek out Favre shows a lot about his passion for the game and determination to get better. Cleveland has been seeking and hoping for a quarterback with those qualities since the days of Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar.

McCoy’s improvement and knowledge of the West Coast could already been seen during the Browns’ first preseason game when he led the first-team offense to two touchdowns in three drives. McCoy ended the game with a passer rating greater than 152 and a completion percentage of 90%.

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