Can Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Roy Williams find the Magic Again?

The Chicago Bears rarely catch a break from the national media. If you look at the Chicago Bears’ run to the NFC Championship game last season, very few national experts ever gave the Chicago Bears any credit for actually being a good football team. If you ask fans and the media who was a better football team last season, the Chicago Bears or Philadelphia Eagles, I’m sure the Eagles would get more votes. And yet, the Chicago Bears kicked the crap out of the Eagles and performed better in the playoffs. Of course, after the Eagles added Nnamdi Asomugha, the Halas Trophy was already being engraved.

What about the Chicago Bears adding Roy Williams? Williams had his best season with offensive coordinator Mike Martz back in 2006 with the Detroit Lions, but fell-off statistically and failed to have the same success with Dallas (however, he continued to find the end zone with the same regularity). Williams has proven he can be successful in this league, and getting the heck out of Dallas may prove to save his career. Of course, when the Eagles signed Nnamdi Asomugha, this was considered one of the greatest free-agency moves ever. Ironically enough, Asomugha’s best statistical season also came in 2006. Since that time, his numbers have also taken a nose-dive. On the one hand, Asomugha’s statistical plunge is explained through teams not throwing the ball to his side of the field. Can the same thing be said for a wide receiver? Is it possible that Williams was unable to mesh with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo? Miles Austin became Romo’s favorite target in Dallas, leaving Williams with less opportunities.

This is most-likely going to be Williams’ last shot at being a superstar. Along with him not getting any younger, he has a lot to prove. Not only does Williams have a great relationship with Martz, current Chicago Bears receiver coach Darryl Drake was his receivers coach at the University of Texas and helped Williams become a first-round draft choice. With little pressure, a system where he’s had success and one last shot at glory, this may be a great fit and give the Chicago Bears the type of receiver they’ve desperately needed for a LONG TIME.

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  • John

    I hope so. I have been a bears fan all my life, I have defended every move the bears have made in the past few years however, the pick up of Roy Williams make no sense to me. I recently outburst on the Chicago bears website about the transaction and I was given the third degree about how Williams was ” the man with martz”. At least a dozen fans replied to my post telling me off. I still hold true to my statements about Williams that he has had his shot to be “the man” and he came up short. Sure he had a good year in 2006 and he should be proud of it, but that was 4 years ago. If someone at your work was judged on something they had done 4 years ago no one would ever be fired. Instead of going after the best players that we could of, we went after what appears to be bargain basement players. Being that we were in the NFC championship game I would have liked us to go all in on some of the players the were in free agency this year. Please keep in mind the JA said that we put a value on a player and that as high as well go. Well sometimes you have to pay or even overpay players to get them. Maybe I will eat my words during this season and but if Williams ends up with knox’s numbers it will be a disappointment.

  • Luis

    Well I didn’t think knoxs numbers were that bad, I mean when a qb has a short amount of time to react due to a terrible o line itll take a toll on receivers needing to get open a lot faster and also having a faster reaction. I’m not certain on exactly how many yards he got but if I can remember he was not so far from a 1000 yard season, only because last game of season was against super bowl champs, lining up against Woodson :0. But one thing, he was terrible when a bad pass came to him because he would always allow a pick to be made. Some aren’t his fault but he has some responsibilty as a reciever to keep the ball in his hands and not the defender. But his avg per pass was also high. I thought that overall he did somewhat good statistically. And you know Jonathan carrol is right because I think he has the assets and drive to step up. Jay cutler is the exact way, potential but lots of excuses, most not his fault, but has ability and I think this year is theirs to shine. I’ve seen weirder things in the NFL :)

    • Jonathan Carroll

      I didn’t like what I saw from any of the receivers last night. Bad routes. It got better but it has to improve

    • John

      I wasn’t saying that knox’s numbers were bad. My line of thinking was that if Williams put up knox’s numbers then you might as well let him stay in that slot instead of Williams replacing him. Knox is a third year receiver and would do well get confidence of a possible number 1. Not sure that would be his ultimate role but, replacing him with Williams surely will hit knox’s ego if nothing else. I know johnny needed to be much more proactive in the defence of bad passes, be more physical off the line when being jammed, and over all maning up but he is still developing and not bad for a third round selection. Don’t forget Roy was a first rounder and was suppose to be a number 1 and the lions replaced him in that role 3-4 years after he was drafted. I don’t remember exactly but it might have been martz, or marinelli who drafted Roy(maybe a little favoritism going on) However, with all that said if Roy ends up with Johnny’s numbers I will still say it is a bad move

      • Jonathan Carroll

        I think Knox needs to man up and earn it

  • not a moron

    Yes Roy Williams might not be the 2006 Roy, but I don’t think he’ll just let a ball fly past him without trying for it. I saw Knox last season stop on routes n not jump up to knock down balls headed to the other team. I think that’s some of what martz is saying of Knox being young and needing to work on some things(like going after the ball witch Williams will go get passes. I hope that is something that rubs off on everyone else. On another note if all receivers looked bad then PLEASE leave Devin Hester alone with all the Miami BS we don’t need him over thinking things. He amazed me last season with some grabs that would have been made by guys like Jerry Rice n Chris Carter ( you know that one handed grab in the endzone ) and how he’s been amazing in practice so far. Forget asking Hester about the U n think what kind of man buys players gets put behind bar n runs his mouth. This guy and the U should take full responsibility for letting it happen, but let me sell the player down the river for a few buck for a story deal(ponzi scam artist how credible?) bullshit! You can say you wouldn’t take what was given probably never had nothing, or very little. But everyone would love to party like a rock star or live a day in a life of the rich? I would love the opportunity to play rich for just one day maybe buy a ZR1 with cash!