Possible Suspensions In Line For Kellen Winslow?

By Joshua Casey

On Thursday NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ruled that quarterback Terrelle Pryor is eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft but, he will have to serve a 5 game suspension and cannot practice with the team that picks him for the first 5 weeks of the season. How does that even make sense? The NFL and the NCAA are supposed to be separate entities and matters in the NCAA are supposed to be left in the NCAA. I didn’t see Pete Carroll getting fined or suspended by the commissioner for cheating while at USC. I also didn’t see Reggie Bush getting suspended after it came out that he accepted money while playing at USC.

So I guess this means that Kellen Winslow Jr. won’t be receiving any fines or suspension since he is now in the NFL and Goodell will most likely not make Winslow a scape goat to the rest of the league. In the words of Lee Corso, Not so fast my friend! The illicit benefits that Winslow accepted were clearly on a different level than either Bush or Carroll. Winslow supposedly accepted money, Jet- Ski’s, strippers, and many other things that can’t be named on a family friendly website. Now Winslow was not the only player from Miami that is now in the NFL that took illicit benefits, there were mnay others. But let’s just stick to Winslow for this particular article I mean this is the Buccaneers site anyways I’ll stick to talking about their players.

If Goodell really wants to lay the hammer down and show he enforces the rules in the NFL then he will do something to Winslow and make him an example for future players thinking of taking improper benefits. There are no excuses for what these NCAA players are doing and eventually someone needs to put them in their place. Just because they are professional athletes doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want, Pryor left after his junior year to avoid playing on a team in turmoil. Winslow did the same probably thinking at the time that Miami would be caught after he left.

It is a shock that Miami got away with it for so long but eventually everyone gets caught and they did. With all of these college players skipping out on their responsibility of reaping what they sow, no wonder when these players get to the NFL they are constantly causing problems. How many times have we heard of rookies causing problems, Dez Bryant, and most recently Rahim Moore just to name a few. Kellen Winslow also falls into this list, he outwardly criticized the Browns’ management thus causing his trade to the Buccaneers. With the decisions Winslow has made it is not a surprise that he is widely regarded as a jerk in the locker room. It’s time for all of us to start putting athletes with superstar egos in their place and show them who the boss is.



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