Report: Former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor Eligible For Supplemental Draft

By Dan Parzych

For weeks, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has anxiously been waiting to find out whether or not he would be eligible for the 2011 Supplemental Draft and earn the chance to redeem himself in the NFL. On Thursday, the former Buckeye standout received some good news from the league–he may earn a shot at fulfilling his NFL dream.

According to Michael David Smith of, Pryor is eligible for Monday’s draft that includes other players such as Georgia running back Caleb King, Lindenwood defenseive end Keenan Mace, North Carolina defensive end Mike McAdoo, and Northern Illinois defensive back Tracy Wilson. The draft was originally scheduled for August 17, but the length of the lockout delayed the process–which had to have made these players nervous.

Pryor decided to skip his senior season at Ohio State after he along with numerous other players were busted for receiving numerous improper benefits. While he was scheduled to be suspended for the first part of the season, Smith indicates that Goodell still plans on punishing Pryor if a team is willing to surrender a draft pick and take a chance on him. If he does join an NFL team, Pryor will be eligible to participate in the rest of the preseason, but he’s forbidden from practicing or playing in the first five weeks of the regular season.

There are numerous teams that could use some help in the quarterback department–but that doesn’t mean either of them will jump at the chance to acquire Pryor. He showed potential at times while at Ohio State, but the argument can be made that Pryor is far from being an effective quarterback at the NFL level–so it should be interesting to see what happens during Monday’s draft.

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