Report: Ron Rivera Makes Mike Goodson Carry Around a Football

By Kyle Taylor



Mike Goodson holds on for dear life / Courtesy Bill Voth


According to multiple reports and word from Ron Rivera, running back Mike Goodson was required to carry around a football during practice on Tuesday. Anyone who knocked the football out of Goodson’s arms was to be bought dinner at Goodson’s expense. If– by the end of the day– Goodson was still holding the ball, Rivera was to buy  dinner for Goodson.

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It looks as if Rivera has already had enough of the fumbles that plagued Goodson last year, and is going to attempt to teach him a lesson– albeit, a lighthearted one. Still, it’s a great thing to see after the utter lack of fun that was had under John Fox for the Panthers. In the end, Goodson held onto the ball. When he asked Rivera about the dinner, Rivera reportedly told Goodson he would look into it.

Sense of humor? Check.

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