Panthers Struggle in First Half

By Kyle Taylor

At the halfway mark of the game, the Miami Dolphins are besting the Carolina Panthers 17-0.

The Panthers’ CBs have looked vastly overmatched and outsized when put up against the Dolphins receivers. They also have looked a bit behind, allowing receivers to get behind them on multiple occasions– thankfully without any consequences. Chad Henne has been burning the defense thus far regardless, however, going 15/24 with 194 yards. The entire Dolphins offense has combined for 301 yards of offense for the first half.

The run defense has also struggled thus far, having issues bringing down Reggie Bush or any of the Dolphin running backs. Bush has burned the Panthers for 53 yards on eight carries.

Cam Newton had a decent first half, going for 7/14 with 66 yards , but without managing to get many big plays or first downs. The awful effort put forth by the offensive line isn’t helping either. Thus far, Newton has scrambled twice for  seven yards. Newton will have to stop diving by leading with his throwing shoulder, however.

The Panthers are still within reach of the lead, however, and should be very thankful for that. Look for Jimmy Clausen to make a push for the starting job in the second half.

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