Why The Cleveland Browns Are Right To Scout Terrelle Pryor

By Brian Murtaugh

Reports from around the league indicate that the Cleveland Browns will have representatives on hand for Terrelle Pryor’s pro day in Pittsburgh on Saturday. Cleveland has expressed interest in the former Ohio State Buckeye for several months and has been rumored to be very interested in his availability during the NFL’s supplemental draft.

Cleveland has a solid group of quarterbacks on their active roster, including young talent like Troy Weatherhead and Jarrett Brown. But, the Browns have also gained a reputation of becoming quarterback happy over the last few years and have sent nearly 20 different starters to the line of scrimmage since 1999.

Many people have been calling Pryor the “poor man’s Cam Newton”. Even though their style of play and road to the NFL may be similar, Newton and Pryor are on completely different levels at this point in their careers. Pryor is considered a “cancer” by many Buckeye fans and has taken quite a bit of heat for his part in Ohio State’s NCAA violations from the past few seasons. Pryor also had less than impressive passing numbers throughout his career, despite being one of the most sought-after prospects of 2008.

Despite all of the negatives surrounding Pryor and his history, the Browns are right to do their homework on a talented quarterback. Pryor has many good intangibles such as mobility in the pocket and big game experience. Cleveland also has multiple coaches that have had great success teaching young signal callers in their careers.

Mike Holmgren, Pat Shurmur, and Mark Whipple are all considered quarterback guru’s around the NFL and have done great work in their short time with Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace.

It is hard to predict how much interest Pryor will get when the draft finally kicks off next week. Many experts around the league say that the Browns are one of the teams most likely to make a big push for a quarterback either by the way or Pryor or waiver wire additions.

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