Cardinals Fall Just Short Of Win: Packers 28-Cardinals 20

By Mike Pendleton

Sometime losing a game isn’t as important as losing a team member, Friday night was that time. If you haven’t heard by now rookie running back Ryan Williams was injured on Friday, as he sustained what is believed to be a ruptured patellar tendon.

The terrifying news came after the game when Coach Whisenhunt said “if it is what we believe it is, then yes it is a season-ender.” Back to the game, they say if you wanna be the best you gotta beat the best and unfortunately the Cardinals couldn’t.

Here’s a review of the game and the answer to last night’s pre-game Key 7 questions.

1. Will Kevin Kolb learn from Rodgers?

Well, that is a little hard to tell right now. Not sure if I’ll get some hate for this but for the first time in two games, I wasn’t impressed with Kolb. When I was watching the game I saw a lot of rush throws from Kolb, as if he was trying to make to much happen. Kolb will do just fine, he’s gotta let things come to him.

2. Ryan Williams or Beanie Wells?

Well, hate to put it this way but the question has been answered, Wells. With Williams’ injury taking his season away, expect the Cardinals to bring a veteran running back in via free agency (article with their options coming soon).

3. How long will the starters play?

Quick answer: not for long. As stated before, usually starters play most of the third pre-season game so it wasn’t surprising to see most of the guys gone after the first quarter. Look for most of the starters to play next Saturday vs the Chargers.

4. When will the Patrick Peterson bomb explode?

Still awaiting for the play-maker to make a highlight. While Peterson did have one solo tackle in the game, it certainly hasn’t been enough. Peterson was covering Greg Jennings when Jennings made a spectacular catch from an excellent throw by Rodgers, but there really was nothing Peterson could do.

5. Will Sam Acho have an impact?

Acho did get some reps on the right side during the week so it was intriguing to see what he would do against Green Bay. While he didn’t have the most spectacular game, he did have two solo tackles, one which came for a loss.

6. Will Rashard Johnson improve?

Well, not just Johnson but the entire defensive unit seemed to improved in their second game together. Johnson had two solo tackles but the team as a whole had four sacks. Dockett, Schofield, Campbell and Williams each had a sack, respectively.

7. Final Score Prediction?

I was close, I predicted the Cardinals to win 27-24 so while I was off with the team, I got close again with the score. Somewhere out there, someone is gonna recognize, I’m good at getting CLOSE to the final scores!

Be on the lookout for the rest of my Cardinal articles coming this weekend. I apologize that they have to come at the end of every week as my work schedule just gets intense.

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