Dolphins Defeat the Panthers 20-10

By Kyle Taylor

Same amount of points, drastically different play and outcome.

If the Panthers’ recent loss to the Miami Dolphins was to be explained in one sentence, that would do it nicely.

The Panthers went from a very impressive victory over the New York Giants in week one of the preseason to a week two that was– to say the very least– embarrassing. The defense was on the field most of the night, and the offense was on the bench as a result. The issue with that– apart from that fact that it shouldn’t happen in the first place– is that when either unit was on the field, they completely and utterly failed at their job. The defense gave up 300+ yards to the Miami Dolphins in the first half.

The Miami Dolphins. Now that everyone has absorbed that, a simple question needs to be asked.


How did the defense– a unit who held Eli Manning and the Giants in check in week one– fall apart to Chad Henne and a supposedly offensively-challenged Dolphins team? Management will likely take a look at that this week before the Panthers square off against the Cincinnati Bengals in week three.

Apart from the pathetic defensive effort, the offense also struggled, putting up only ten points and scoring one touchdown. Cam Newton struggled, going 7/14, while Jimmy Clausen fared slightly better– going 9/16.

Shades of last year. That’s what last night appeared to be to Panthers fans. Someone needs to step up in  week three, be it the offense or the defense. If not, then management might just need to be the one to make the move.

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