What Should the Chicago Bears do with Chester Taylor...


Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo was very pointed in his comments on a local Chicago radio show earlier this week in regards to tailback Chester Taylor. He felt that Taylor, despite his poor statistics helped Matt Forte be successful last season.

I’ve always been a Taylor fan. He’s a tough back that not only can run for difficult yards, but blocks and catches passes out of the backfield. Despite all the Madden and fantasy people that love Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson, Taylor was used more in the Red Zone when he was a Viking. Even with the Chicago Bears, Taylor was frequently used in the Red Zone.

But, Taylor makes a lot of money and Marion Barber has burst on the scene as a backup to Forte. Kahlil Bell is considered valuable on Special Teams which Taylor isn’t a contributor. It’s a numbers game and I just can’t see any justification to keep Taylor as the third tailback.

This was a move that seemed so perfect at the time but just didn’t quite click.

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