It Just Made Cents: Larry Fitzgerald Did Deserve His Huge Contract

By Mike Pendleton

I really don’t think this is necessary to do but I’m going to tell you all why Larry Fitzgerald was worth his 8-year $120-million deal he signed this weekend.

Let’s start with the simple: 100, 96, 97, and 90, those are the amount of catches Fitzgerald has had over the past four seasons. Even last year when the Cardinals played musical chairs with the quarterback position, Fitzgerald shined.

If you want numbers, here is what you need to know: 613 career receptions, 8,204 receiving yards, and 65 career touchdowns. Now the label “Hall Of Fame potential” is used a lot, but I truly feel Fitzgerald has that potential.

6’3″ frame, 213-pounds, and some hands that can make Sticky Glue look like baby oil (I suck at humor), Fitzgerald has all the tools.  Now that Kevin Kolb is in Arizona, I see Larry Fitzgerald getting very close to 110 or more receptions this season.

If not this season, certainly next. Here’s the biggest kicker of them all, Larry Fitzgerald is ONLY, 27 years old! Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Jerry Rice, all those guys played into their mid or late thirties. Without further a due, just like in all football, you make a big call and you need video evidence.

Humble, talented, and one hell of a player, here’s your proof that Larry Fitzgerald is worth 8-years and $120 million dollars.

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