Not Your Average Safety: Kerry Rhodes Is Not Your Ordinary NFL Star

By Mike Pendleton

Every person in the world has an idol. A favorite player, singer, actor, politician, you name it, we like it. Not everyone gets to connect on a personal level with their idol, and actually be able to call them their friend. This article isn’t to brag, this article is to say thank you Kerry Rhodes, and show the NFL fans that good players are out there who love their fans.

Usually my articles consistent of relaying stats, projection the future of a player, or simply talking about the Cardinals and their upcoming game. Now while Rhodes is a great player, that’s without a doubt, this is focusing on great NFL players giving back to their fans.

For Fantasy Football reasons, Rhodes gives back in a different way, his play. That’s right, if you’re into Fantasy Football leagues that also include defensive players like I am you would know that Kerry Rhodes was the #1 safety because, he made the most plays. In one sense, that is just one way that Rhodes gave back to his fans.

On a more real and serious note, Rhodes understands exactly why he is in the NFL and who got him there. Besides his excellent talent, Rhodes understands that it is the fans and their ever-loving support who got him to elite status.

One of the most friendliest players in the NFL on Twitter (follow him @kerryrhodes) he nearly responds to every tweet sent to him. After becoming friends with Rhodes following a few conversations on Twitter, I was instantly a fan.

When I was coming up trying to make a name for myself with a broadcasting show, I reached out to Kerry about doing an interview. With all due respect to the athletes I’ve interviewed before, Kerry Rhodes was hand downs the best.

From the stories of him in New York to his future with the Arizona Cardinals all that was told was positivity. So as I continue to grow and try to make the world of sports journalism I thought it was the proper time to show everyone how real life professional athletes can get.

So in a season where Kerry Rhodes and the Arizona Cardinals are looking to defy the odds with the losses of Adrian Wilson and rookie Ryan Williams, we all stay determined. I know that every game day that I send Rhodes a text, he’s ready. When he’s out there, he does it for the fans.

Not many can say this, but Kerry Rhodes is an inspiration, a role model, and a big brother because of what he does both on and off the field. In a world where media rules the sports world, here is some positive media.

We all try to make it in our respective careers and when our idols reach out to us, it’s only more motivation. So here’s a Thank You to not only Kerry Rhodes but the Cardinal fans, and every single Arizona Cardinal on the roster.

This isn’t a bragging article, this is a story, a letter, to Kerry Rhodes. The man I can go to whether it’s pre-game football motivation or I need advice, he answers the phone. So Kerry Rhodes, thank you. You’re like my big brother. To all NFL fans and sport fans in general, there are good players who deserve positive media, Kerry Rhodes is one of them.


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