The Mind Wonders: Chester Taylor An Option For 'Zona?

By Mike Pendleton

I recently wrote an article picking five free agent running backs who could be the replacement for recently injured Ryan Williams. Today, a new idea popped into my head and his name was Chester Taylor.

Once a starter, Taylor has actually fit the role of “back-up” to good form. With the Chicago Bears in a contractual situation with Matt Forte and the signing of Marion Barber, some wonder why Chester Taylor is still there.

Just like the other article here is an inside look at Chester Taylor’s career numbers and the reasoning why he should be considered for the Cardinals.

Chester Taylor-10 years of NFL experience,  4,663 career rushing yards, 25 touchdowns, 2,233 career receiving yards, and 6 career touchdowns. While Taylor’s numbers aren’t exactly eye-popping, he gets the job done.

Beanie Wells we all know has had his injury issues and I’ve already stated a case for LaRod Stephens-Howling to remain as the special teams specialist (no pun intended). There is no reason for the Bears to keep Taylor around seeing how even fourth-string Khalil Bell has played well in pre-season.

If the Ravens can get Lee Evans for a 4th-round pick, it wouldn’t faze me to see the Cardinals reach out and pursue Taylor for either a fifth or sixth round pick. This shouldn’t be taken as an insult to any of the running backs on staff, it just seems as a wise move to bring in a veteran who knows how to handle a back-up situation.

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