Waiting For His Shot: Alfonso Smith Should Get A Chance To Prove His Worth

By Mike Pendleton

As a football player or for any professional athlete in general you never want to get your shot when a teammate goes down with an injury. Unless you’re a big time Cardinals fan or you remember him from his days at Kentucky, Alfonso Smith may not ring a bell.

Who is he? Listed at 6’1″ and 208 pounds which certainly describes the frame of a “shifty” back. Shifty, can also be looked at as a “change of pace” as in “shifting pace”. You get my drift yet? Alfonso Smith can be a change of pace back if given his shot.

Anyone remember this one guy named Arian Foster? Ya, he turned out to be pretty good. If you don’t know any of Foster’s story, it can be a motivation to Smith. Foster was an un-drafted player out of Tennessee who found his way to Houston and was actually cut from the team.

Smith has spent a lot of time on the Cardinals practice squad, but Coach Whisenhunt has not named a replacement for Ryan Williams just yet. So while LaRod Stephens-Howling looks to be an early favorite from the outsiders, Smith hopes to make an inside move to the top.

Not saying that Alfonso Smith can have an Arian Foster type impact because Beanie Wells is still there but,  his chance to prove his worth is now.

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