Breaking News: Oakland Raiders Pick Terrelle Pryor in 3rd Round of Supplemental Draft

With the 18th pick of the 3rd round in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft, the Oakland Raiders select Terrelle Pryor, quarterback, Ohio State.

Doesn’t exactly have the same muster as the real draft, does it?

We should have all seen this coming. Al Davis got rid of a head case mobile quarterback with a big arm last year only to bring in another this year, and it costs him a 2012 3rd rounder to boot.

To be fair, Pryor is 10 times the athlete that JaMarcus Russell was, and could provide the Raiders with an option at wide receiver or tight end.

At his pro day Pryor said he wants to play quarterback, but is willing to do whatever a team asks of him. Given the situation in Oakland, it seems like he could learn a lot from Jason Campbell and become a starter sometime soon.

Pryor led the Buckeyes to at least a share of three straight Big 10 titles, so his leadership and play making ability is obviously what the Raiders are counting on.

Al Davis isn’t afraid to make the outside the box moves, so again no one should be surprised that Pryor will don the silver and black this season.

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  • V J Hunt

    Please … Raider Hater … if you’re going to post try getting the spelling right (dawn should be don). Oh, and I’ll truly enjoy thinking back to what a hater you are and how wrong your thought process on Pryor was when this young man proves Al Davis to still be the shrewd football man that he is!

    • Jeff Shull

      Yea because he’s made great moves over the past several years…which is why the Raiders have been proverbial favorites in their division for the past…oh wait

    • Jeff Shull

      Also..this article was not that negative..I only questioned losing a 2012 third round pick for him…but in typical Raider fan fashion, you pick out only the negatives and label me a hater.

  • DodgersKings323

    Flop OSU player will flop in the NFL, glad that flop team picked him, they can stay in that city for all eternity and live miserably ever after. Hey Al! Might be time to change that slogan “Commitment to Excellence”.

    – Now that is what a real Raider Hater looks like, and i didn’t even bother bringing up the shootings this past weekend.