Raiders and 49ers to No Longer Meet in Preseason

By Riley Schmitt

One of the biggest rivalries in sports will no longer happen.  Pro Football Talk  is reporting that the NFL will stop scheduling the two teams to meet in the preseason.  This decision comes after an ugly incident Saturday in which numerous people ended up in the hospital.  Two people were admitted with gunshot wounds after the game.

This is very sad.  I can’t believe people refuse to behave like adults.  There is no need for violence to continually mar this rivalry.  According to Tim Kawakami, the local police were strongly in support of this decision.  Once again, if the cops believe people can’t behave like civil adults, there is a problem.  I find the behavior deplorable.  This is a huge black mark on NFL fans everywhere, as some will be painted as drunken idiots.

Hopefully these fans can maintain their composure when the two teams meet in the regular season.  Rivalries are terrific in pro sports, but violence should not occur.  There is no need to bring weapons to a football game with the intention of harming another person.  Maybe they need to add a limit to how much alcohol fans can consume.  No matter what happens, the 49ers and Raiders just lost a terrific rivalry game to kick-start excitement in the Bay Area.

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