Were there any Positives Tonight for the Chicago Bears?

The short answer is yes. Gabe Carimi, Julius Peppers and Matt Forte. Jay Cutler had time for a change.

Here’s what was bad…Roy Williams, tackling, special teams, short yardage offense and the scoreboard.

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  • John

    Like I said in an earlier posting Roy Williams had his chance, and if he ends up with Knox numbers its a failure. Roy Williams has had more dropped passes in then last few years as just about anyone in the league and that continued last night. I would still say put Knox in there and see if he can’t man up. Dropped passes and failed catches with catchable balls seemed to be my main concern with last nights performance. Now on to the good, carimi seemed solid, the line in general seem good and gave enough time, peppers put some heat on Eli, the DBS were ok, and forte showed why JA needs to give him a new contract. Jay was pretty accurate with his passes(if not for the receivers dropping passes his numbers would have been better), he was nimble, and always seemed to look down field. Don’t forget this is preseason, coaches my not be whipping out there best plays or at least I hope so judging for that three straight off tackle runs with Marion that my daughter knew were coming. Evaluation of players is key in these games with that said DeCicco and Gholston should be cut soon for there performance. Roy should be on a short list for players o be cut if he doesn’t improve drastically.