Dolphins signed wrong veteran RB

By chriswalsh

Larry Johnson? Really? So, a former Kansas City and Washington wash out was a better option than keeping either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams?

Both RBs knew the team, were veteran leaders and could have provided a ton of knowledge to newcomer Daniel Thomas. Instead Brian Daboll decides on Johnson.

Upon returning from Miami yesterday I found myself invigorated by what the Fins had put together on the field against the Panthers. Albeit, Cam Newton and Carolina are not world-beaters, but a near-perfect first half against any team will do in the preseason.

Reggie Bush looked great, Thomas looked unafraid, and Henne looked much, much better than he did against Atlanta.Now word is that Johnson is being brought in for…well, I’m not sure.

If anything, Miami could really use another QB option. But Daboll is a run-guy, so I guess this sort of makes sense, somewhere. But not in Miami.

At least they didn’t waste a pick on Terrell Pryor.

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