Buccaneers Ready To Move On Without Aqib Talib

By Joshua Casey

On Tuesday Buccaneers corner back Aqib Talib met with commissioner Roger Goddell regarding possible suspensions to start the season. Now although the Buccaneers don’t know just yet if Talib will be suspended they are practicing as if he will be. Coach Raheem Morris has said that he is treating the situation as if Talib will miss time and is preparing the backups to come in and start immediately. Morris also said that he has  a number of guys who are ready and capable of filling Talib’s spot as the number one corner on the defense.

Now although the loss of Talib may seem to hurt the Bucs defense it’s not as bad as it seems. Talib was suspended for the first game of the 2009 season and for the last four games of the 2010 season. Throughout those games the Buccaneers did just fine and held their own against their opponents. Talib has also been injured with a hamstring injury and has missed the first two preseason games for the Bucs this year although he is healthy enough to play Saturday against if Miami if he wishes to do so.

When Talib does eventually return he will assume his spot back atop the Buccaneers CB depth chart thus setting everyone back a step from where they were. Talib led the Bucs in interceptions in 2010 with 6. In his absence Tampa Bay did manage to go 4-1, but the 1 loss ended up being the one that kept the Bucs out of the playoffs. A 23-20 overtime loss to the Detroit Lions proved to be very costly to the Buccaneers, as mentioned above it kept them out of the playoffs. Without Talib Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson lit up the Buccaneers corners and secondary eventually going for 10 catches and 152 yards. The Buccaneers open up the season against the Lions on September 11, and again Aqib Talib will not be there to help, let’s just hope that the end result is not the same as last year.


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