Cowboys Sign Orlando Scandrick to 5-Year Extension; Risky Move

By Jeric Griffin

The worst has come to pass. Dallas Cowboys team owner and general manager Jerry Jones gave cornerback Orlando Scandrick a 5-year, $27-million extension, with $10 million guaranteed. I simply don’t understand it. Less than 24 hours after I ranted about how unintelligent it is for the Cowboys to consider starting Scandrick, Jones almost guarantees that by signing him to a huge extension.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that one reason the Cowboys gave Scandrick the new contract is “defensive coordinator Rob Ryan really likes him.”

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That does make me feel more confident in this situation. I still would never have even considered giving Scandrick an extension, but if a great defensive mind like Ryan’s thinks the Boise State product can be a starter in this league, then he should at least be given the chance.

The man who everyone thinks will lose his starting spot in this situation is praising and congratulating his teammate.

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Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman is a class act; he knows good and well why Scandrick was signed long-term and he’s more than aware of the smoke the Dallas media has been blowing lately. Still, he’s congratulating his teammate instead of crossing his arms and pouting like so many NFL brats do. As a huge Newman fan, I’ll just say this; the Cowboys better be dang sure Scandrick can be the man after Newman retires. Yes, after, whether that be three years from now or 10.

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