Gabe Carimi aka Chicago Bear Jew


There are certain players that it’s hard not to like in the NFL. Through two preseason games, Chicago Bears offensive tackle Gabe Carimi is becoming a fan favorite. His work ethic, personality and football skills are exactly what the Chicago Bears needed this season.

I’ve been watching him closely this preseason and like what I’ve been seeing in his technique. He keeps a solid base, moves well while maintaining his footwork and keeps his hips on a swivel. When evaluating any offensive lineman, it’s important to see how well he maintains his form and technique as he gets fatigued. Carimi maintains his fundamentals exactly the same from the first snap throughout his playing time. I also saw this in Bourbonnais.

This guy was a beast at Wisconsin. I was thrilled he fell to the Chicago Bears. Offensive line coach Mike Tice is a perfect mentor for Carimi as he continues his development. Obviously he hasn’t taken a snap during the regular season, but he’s proving to be a very valuable member of this team. Even with all the blocking problems during the first preseason game against the Buffalo Bills, Carimi was singled out as one of the few bright-spots by the coaches.

As a side note to all of this, it’s nice to see kids like Carimi play in the NFL. Not only does he have football talent, but he’s a quality guy that took school seriously. Character is a huge thing with me, and it’s refreshing to have guys like Carimi on my favorite team.

Why the nickname Bear Jew you might ask? In the movie Inglorious Basterds (that’s how it’s spelled) there’s a badass character named Bear Jew. When Carimi came to the Chicago Bears, he insisted that fans should call him Bear Jew. Obviously, Carimi is Jewish.

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