Buccaneer Brian Price And His Amazing Comeback

By Joshua Casey

When Buccaneers DT Brian Price fractured his pelvis in a game last November, the outlook on his return to the NFL wasn’t good at all. Price’s injury was very serious and his eventual return to playing football was very much in question and durng certain times looked impossible. Price essentially had his hamstring ripped completely off his pelvis area and it had to be re-attached to his pelvis via several screws. At the time not much was know about this procedure and how Price would be able to recover from it as it is very rare for professional athletes to undergo this type of surgery.

When coach Raheem Morris heard of the injury he believed Price’s career to be over and was set on moving on and finding another DT to replace Price. But at such a dark time Morris sought out the Bucs team trainer Todd Torescelli who had words of hope,  he said “Look this guy is going to come back. I know we’ve never seen this before, but I’m telling you he will.” And Todd ended up being right as Price will make his debut this Saturday against the Dolphins in the Bucs third preseason game of the season.

Any other average NFL player would have given up on their career but Price is not just any other player he was determined to return. The rehabilitation process that Price had to go through was not easy and started last year at the beginning of training camp. Initially Price believed the pain to just be hamstring strains, that is until team doctors eventually discovered the injury and had to shut down Price. Price had the surgery and was placed on IR just 5 games into his rookie season. After three to six weeks of inactivity Price began his rehab and started to workout vigorously and turned fat into muscle, thus strengthening his hamstring.

Throughout the whole process Price always knew he would return but there were weak moments when he din’t know if he’d make it back to the NFL. As Price recently admitted in an interview, “I didn’t know if I would be able to get off the ball the way I used to or play the way I used to play”, Price also added “It was hard for me. I wasn’t down all the time, but as a human being, that’s natural. I just tried not to let those moments last too long”.  Through it all Price overcame, and when he takes the field on Saturday the Dolphins might want to watch out for him because if he brings the same determination to the NFL, well then, there might be trouble for Bucs opponents.


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