Cowboys' Kicker David Buehler Call's NFL "Soft"

By Jeric Griffin

Add a Dallas Cowboy to the list of players who are bashing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for making the league too “soft.” On Tuesday, Cowboys kicker David Buehler told ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s Ben & Skin Show that he is tired of Goodell changing “all the rules” and wishes the NFL would just be left alone.

“I think they’re changing the rules too much,” Buehler said. “Football is getting kind of soft Goodell making all the rule changes and everything like that. Just leave it the way it is.”

Buehler specifically isn’t fond of the NFL’s newest rule change, moving kickoffs from the 30 to the 35-yard line. The new rule was set in place to limit and ultimately eliminate kickoff returns because the league believes that phase of play causes too many injuries. It’s true that kickoffs are very dangerous, but they’ve been a huge part of the game for decades and guys like the Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester will be out of a job without it.

“Kickoffs are one of the most exciting plays in football, so I don’t know why they pushed it up to the 35,” Buehler said. “I understand the safety reasons but a lot of fans want to see the returns. It gets kind of boring just seeing touchbacks all the time.”

Buehler may not have to worry about the rule change as a Cowboy much longer. On Wednesday, Dallas signed veteran All-Pro kicker Shayne Graham to compete with Buehler and rookies Dan Bailey and Kai Forbath for the starting kicker position.

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