Packers Announce Various Lambeau Field Renovations

By David Arreola

Today on the Green Bay Packers Official team website, the organization announced that they plan to add “roughly 6,600 seats” to the south end zone by at the very earliest 2013. The website also announced that the Packers “will not be asking for any taxpayer dollars to pay for it.”

Some of you may remember back in 2009 when the new Cowboys Stadium opened it was reported that the taxpayers of the City of Arlington voted to increase taxes in the industries that most effect tourists that they projected would come with the building of a bigger and more modern stadium. The voters increased: sales tax by half of a percent, hotel occupancy tax by 2%, and car rental tax by 5%. While there is something to be said about the nobility of raising taxes for visiting spenders, you must credit the city for being able to give $325 million to help Jerry Jones with the $1 billion mega stadium.

The addition of 6,600 additional seats is not a minor renovation, but can realistically be finished in the two years the Packers have given themselves to complete construction. In addition to the seats in the south end zone, the Packers will be installing new videos boards in the north end zone, along with a new entrance gate and outdoor rooftop viewing platform.

All of these renovations will increase Lambeau Field’s capacity to around 79,000, which will shoot Lambeau Field to the fourth largest stadium in the league–in terms of capacity–from 11th.

There is some question about who will be given priority to these seats, seeing as how the waiting list for Green Bay Packers season tickets has about 88,000 names. gives the following explanation of the selection process:

“Filling the 6,600 new seats will require a two-step process. First, current season-ticket holders in the stadium bowl will be given an opportunity to move some or all of their seats – but no more than they currently possess – to the new south end zone. Those who have held their season tickets the longest will be given priority.”

It is nice to see the Packers adding regular seating for the fans instead of renovating for luxurious suites that many fans will only get to see from the outside. These renovations will keep the Packers on par with the advancement of other NFL stadiums and will make sure that the Green Bay Packers facilities cannot be bested by others in the league.

A bigger and better Lambeau awaits the Super Bowl Champions. Hopefully we can add some extra Super Bowl Banners to Lambeau Field as well.


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