Petition for Dolphins to sign Tebow

By chriswalsh

Dear Honorable owner Stephen Ross, I __________, as a proud fan of the Miami Dolphins have a lowly peasant request to ask of you. Please pick up Denver’s Tim Tebow.

Sir, this move will not only benefit fans, but you and the great state of Florida as well. Bringing in the prodigal son of the Sunshine State is guaranteed to add a hype to Miami the likes of The Decision. But it doesn’t stop there.

Mr. Tebow has changed the lives of many through charity and volunteer work, that is why I also believe he can help with our amazing Florida Orange crops, which are approaching another dreadful winter.

The hand of Tebow could cure what happens off the field and around the state, but also on the field. More so his arm and feet could provide ‘Fins fans a real quarterback of the future to cheer for.

The post-Dan Marino era, or PD, began with Jay Fiedler, since then we have stuck through the A.J. Feeley’s, Damon Huard’s, Duante Culpepper’s, Brian Griese’s and Chad Henne’s of the world.

For decades, Miami fans prided themselves on having a great quarterback, even when they made just one Super Bowl during his tenure. We would accept another decade of mediocrity if ‘The Chosen One’ was leading his clan of merry misfits each Sunday.

Thank you for time and on the behalf of myself, ___________, and every Fins fan or Florida resident, we implore you to bring No. 15 back home.

*Now print, sign and send to Miami…hurry, there’s still time.

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