Dolphins look to stay undefeated

By chriswalsh

Yes I know, it is the preseason, but still. UNDEFEATED!

The ‘ol in-state rivalry between the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Bucs gets underway Saturday and features two young teams looking to break through after years of watching from the outside.

Here are five things to watch in the game…and no, Tim Tebow will not be walking the sidelines, or will he?

1. Chad Henne vs. Josh Freeman – Is it just me, or does everytime Miami faces a strong young quarterback the gag reflex kicks in. Matt Ryan, Freeman, Joe Flacco, Josh Beck. That last one was a joke, but still, Freeman looks surprisingly strong early in his career. Henne is 1-for-2 in the preseason as far as strong performances go. He’ll get a lot of time tonight, so we will see.

2. Miami secondary vs. Mike Williams – Probably the only real concern on the defensive side of the ball for the ‘Fins is the secondary, or rather, who will get the tough assignment. Smith and Davis have played well, but who will get the call tonight?

3. Reggie Bush vs. an old foe – He played well against a well known opponent in Carolina last week, but Tampa has a much better defense. What new wrinkles will Bush be involved in this weekend?

4. The rest of Miami’s back vs. each other – Larry Johnson being brought in doesn’t signal the demise of Daniel Thomas, but Thomas had better blow through some tackles to ease the minds of fans and coaches alike. I saw Thomas in college a fair amount, while he looks like he could be a strong back, he has a lot to learn.

5. Playing time – Week 3 of the preseason is usually the gear up game for the season, but experienced vets that the coaches aren’t worried about still don’t play that much. So how long will the first teamers be out there? That will show the confidence level heading into the season.

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