Chargers @ Cardinals: Key 7 Pre-Game Questions

The Cardinals finally come home for the first pre-season game in Phoenix as they take on the San Diego Chargers. The best news for the hometown crowd is that the team is playing at home in game three, which is usually when starters play a lot of the time.

So, once again here are this week’s key 7 pre-game questions as the Bird Gang takes on the San Diego Chargers.

1. Will Rich Bartel get his chance to prove his worth?

Bartel has never played in the third pre-season game for any roster that he has been a part of. Here’s his chance. With John Skelton listed as the #2 QB on the depth chart, it’s between Bartel and Brodie Croyle for the third spot and only time will tell.

2. Does Alfonso Smith get his chance?

I think I’ve stated more than enough that the Cardinals should keep LaRod Stephens-Howling as their special teams guy and give either Smith or a free agent a chance to shine. After my interview with Smith he stated with confidence that if given the chance he will “make the most of it”.

3. Will Rob Housler continue to impress?

Whether Todd Heap is injured or healthy, it’s always nice to have a guy waiting in the wings. Rob Housler is not just waiting, he’s impressing. Housler may not be the best blocking tight end yet but he’s finding a way to be a play-maker and that’s all that matters.

4. Patrick Peterson explosion to happen?

We know Patrick Peterson is one hell of a player but teams have been picking on him. So, does Peterson become the new kid who gets bullied enough that he turns around and knocks the bully out? Cardinals fans would love to see it.

5. Stewart Bradley continuing to show promise?

It seems as if every year one player gets let go and another team helps him shine. This year, Stewart Bradley can be that guy. As the defense tries to maintain it’s tough personality, Bradley can only help.

6. How much pressure will the defense get?

Last week against Green Bay the Cardinals put up four sacks from four different players. This week should be no different as the Chargers are known for having a great offense but if the defense can bring pressure, who knows just how “great” San Diego could be.

7. Final Score prediction?

I’m going to use a little bit of reverse psychology here and pick the Cardinals to lose but I feel like they will win.  Remember, reverse psychology here in mind:

Chargers 31-Cardinals 28


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  • Gregory

    Housler making plays but can’t block is all that matters?! Make him a WR then if that’s all that matters! The kid can’t block for his life and he looked like he was exhausted at the end of the GB game. Is he even in football shape or are his hands just sticky and he runs fast? He was jogging on some of the final plays and on his shifts in the backfield vs running in the start of the game. I’m not convinced at all. If all you want to do is catch, be a receiver.

    Prediction: Heap gets hurt sooner rather than later, King holds up, Spach gets more play time and shows he’s solid even though some people seem to think he isn’t (guessing those people only want a receiving TE and can’t understand the breakdown of plays and realize he hits his blocks like a champ and when the ball is thrown TO him, he catches it as much as anyone else. no he isn’t heap but he can catch a ball that isn’t 10 feet away from him), Housler has to play more because Heap is out and everyone realizes when Kolb gets hammered 100x that Housler can’t block for SH**, so really….catching is not all that matters at the TE position. Many times making the blocks is being a playmaker.

    • Mike Pendleton

      Not saying that it is all that matters, it’s like Greg Olsen was in Chicago. He is a rookie and you’re obviously going to have growing pains involved with it but this will be Housler’s welcome to the NFL moment. I don’t disagree or agree with you, it’s going to take time for the kid. Thank you for reading!