Chargers Comeback Late; Beat Cardinals By A Field Goal

By Mike Pendleton

Well the Cardinals came home and put on a show unfortunately, it was in a losing effort. In what was a “shoot-out” of a game, the Chargers came back on a late run and beat the Cardinals, 34-31.  So here is a review of the Key 7 questions and recap of last night’s game.

1. Will Rich Bartel get his chance to prove his worth?

Yes he will and it seems like he proved what he’s got. After Kevin Kolb left the game, Housler came in and completed 8-10 passes with a QB rating of 131.7 proving that Bartel has what it takes.

2. Does Alfonso Smith get his chance?

Nothing for Smith yet but the Cardinals only ran the ball 25 times between everyone on the staff. While Smith hasn’t cracked just yet I expect him to come out and put on a show in week 4 when it’s do or die for those on the border of the 53 man roster.
3. Will Rob Housler continue to impress?

While Housler can catch the ball right now it seems to be his only strength. He did have a fumble in the game, give it time rookie, it’ll come.

4. Patrick Peterson explosion to happen?

Due to the knee sprain suffered by Greg Toler the Peterson bomb was ignited. With Toler’s injury the rookie was able to take some reps with the first-team defense. He made a difference, Peterson took a pick six to the house off of Phillip Rivers and said he was “screaming the entire way to the endzone”. Welcome to the league P2.

5. Stewart Bradley continuing to show promise?

Bradley once again had two more tackles. Bradley is fighting to get back to his great status from the 2008 season and now it’s becoming more apparent that he won’t stop until his success is reached.

6. How much pressure will the defense get?

Well the defense did not have any sacks this game but the unit had 61 tackles, 49 of which are solo.  The defense did make a play with Peterson’s pick six but in the end, they gave up 34 points.

7. Final Score prediction?

In the end I tried to use reverse psychology but it didn’t work. There was a time where the Cardinals were up 31-27 and I thought I was a genius. When all said and done the Chargers won but the best news is that it’s only the pre-season.


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