Primetime Peterson: Patrick Peterson Gets His First Pick Six

By Mike Pendleton

For the last three weeks in almost every article I could, I was promoting Arizona Cardinals corner, Patrick Peterson. The one I nicknamed “Primetime Jr” or even “Baby Prime” finally got his shot to go off.

When Greg Toler went down with a knee sprain, Peterson was moved into the starting role and found himself on the field with the first team defense.  With 2:25 left in the first quarter Chargers QB Philip Rivers dropped back and went to throw a pass on the right side, Peterson’s side.

Peterson read the pass perfectly and took it back to the house for his first career pick six. When the Cardinals selected Peterson with the fifth overall pick they knew they were getting someone special but Peterson had yet to prove his explosiveness.

While it hasn’t been the easiest transition into the NFL for Peterson, he’s showing promise of exactly what he can do. With Greg Toler’s health still in question it may be time for Peterson to prove sooner rather than later.

There is no questioning Peterson’s talent and his explosiveness. Even Rivers himself asked Peterson “where the freak did you come from?. No that wasn’t a typo he really asked, “where the freak..”. Seems as if the league is already taking notice.


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