Running Hard: Beanie Wells Continuing To Impress

By Mike Pendleton

They say the pre-season is the best time to prove your worth but sometimes, as l0ng as you make it through pre-season, you’ve proved enough.  The case for Beanie Wells is exactly that. With the Cardinals trading Tim Hightower to Washington and rookie Ryan Williams lost for the season due to injury it’s all been on Beanie Wells.

Wells’ hasn’t gone off for over 100+ yards in this pre-season yet but he has stayed healthy. Throughout three games, Wells has rushed for a combined 129 yards and no more than 15 carries in a single game. The Cardinals have been waiting for Wells to show his true value and he has his shot.

Every team and fanbase knows what “pre-season hype” is and some had concern that Wells might have been just that.  So far all reports out of Arizona is that Wells looks rejuvenated and better than ever. With those reports also comes a lot of responsibility.

While the Cardinals went out and addressed their quarterback situation, locked up their wide receiver, and took a young rookie to help in their secondary but the running back situation is key. While the passing game has taken over the NFL every team understands that running the ball is the key to a successful post season.

Beanie Wells has done everything right so far, all he has to do now is keep at it and remain healthy. It’s time that this Arizona Cardinal shows his true wings and flies to the sky with his running back abilities. So far so good on Beanie Wells and that’s the best news as pre-season gets ready to end.



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