Two Hands, Three Plays, Pick One: Favorite Play By Larry Fitz' This Pre-season

By Mike Pendleton

In honor of the VMA’s taking place I figured I would make the readers vote on Larry Fitzgerald’s pre-season. They said at one point that the new deals signed by Larry Fitzgerald was a little over the top and maybe 8 years for $120 million wasn’t deserved. Really? Really? No seriously like, really?

When I interviewed Alfonso Smith this past week he said “we see that at practice all the time and honestly, I’m not surprised.” He also went on to say “I honestly thought that he was made of glue one time, the plays he makes are crazy.”

So there you have it from a teammate of Fitzgerald himself so without further adue I’ve come up with the three biggest plays of Fitzgerald’s pre-season so far and I ask all of the readers to comment with their vote.

Here are your nominees:

against Oakland, using his helmet.

against Green bay using one hand.

80 yard TD from Kolb to Fitz


Comment with your votes!

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