Breaking News: Michael Vick Signs 6 year 100 million Dollar Deal with Eagles

By Living Baseball

Michael Vick is officially back. The Philadelphia Eagles and Vick have agreed to a monster 6 year deal worth 100 million dollars, and let me tell you- WOW.

We all know about the issues Vick has had, the prison sentence, and the return to football. Vick is still one of the most electrifying players in NFL history and argubaly the most exciting player on the field today, but let me ask you this. Is he worth this kind of money? For someone who has never gone to a super bowl? I don’t think so personally. I don’t pay him that much- he hasn’t won- and he’s a major injury risk every single down he plays in. The Eagles are definitely going after a dynasty…but is Vick the one to lead them there? We’ll soon find out…but wow.

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