Tim Allen's New Character on 'Last Man Standing' Will Be Broncos Fan; Says 'Lions Owe It to Us Fans to Show Us That They're a Real Football Team'

By Dan Parzych

Actor Tim Allen has never been a stranger when it comes to rooting for his hometown teams after growing up in Birmingham and graduating from the University of Michigan. While his character Tim “The Toolman” Taylor spent nine seasons rooting for the Detroit Lions on Home Improvement, Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, will be rooting for a different team on his new show Last Man Standing–the Denver Broncos.

In a recent interview with the Detroit Free Press, Allen discussed how his new character will be a Broncos fan since the show takes place in Denver–where Allen was actually born. Despite his character living in Denver, Allen will still stay true to his Michigan roots by being a Wolverines fan married to an Ohio State graduate–so why doesn’t he want to root for his beloved Lions like on Home Improvement?

“After 40 or so years, I know better than to get excited about the Lions,” Allen said courtesy of the Detroit Free Press. “I think the Lions owe it to us fans to show us that they’re a real football team. When they do, then I’ll get excited.”

Lucky for Allen, the Lions seem like they’re ready to give their fans to be excited about this upcoming season and are being selected by many as a “sleeper” team to make a strong run at the playoffs. With the way Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh have been playing this preseason–Detroit seems poised for their first playoff run since the 1999 season.

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