Am I the Only Tony Romo Fan?

By Living Baseball

I took Tony Romo in a fantasy draft for like…the 19th straight year. Okay that’s kind of a lie. I’ve had Romo on my fantasy teams since he emerged as a dangerous fantasy weapon for the Dallas Cowboys a few years ago. After telling my buddy, he calls me out on my fantasy man crush on Romo. That being said, I guess it’s true. I do like Tony Romo. So what? I think he’s a very good NFL QB- and his story is even better. I believe he’s going to win eventually in Dallas with the right amount of weapons around him- and I’ll stand by my statement. He lost last year due to that broken collarbone, and that was unfortunate for all involved.

I remember texting Jeric Griffin back and forth after a game a few years ago in which the Cowboys lost. I forget the circumstances so hopefully Jeric can clear those up on me- but he was insanely critical of Romo’s play that day in which I defended it. Either way- it was an outstanding conversation, but it again made me feel like- hey ….I’m the only Tony Romo fan on the planet.

Everyone says he’s over rated- and I don’t get that. I know he hasn’t had postseason success yet- but come on. He’s still more or less a young quarterback even though he’s older than most “young guys” and it takes some time to win. Brett Favre and Peyton Manning only have 1 super bowl so it’s not exactly an easy accomplishment to win the big game.

Romo is a class act and a hard working guy. He emerged out of Eastern Illinois to quarterback one of the most popular teams in sports. He’s down to earth and not a “me-first” athlete. I don’t understand how a guy can take full blame for losses when it isn’t his fault, and be a leader- and still be looked down upon by the fanbase. Do ya’ll want the Terrell Owens version of quarterback running the offense? I mean come on- you can do MUCH worse than Tony Romo and frankly- ya’ll should be lucky to have him. I believe Romo will get it done in Dallas if given the right weapons on offense (which i think he has), and a good defense (remains to be seen).

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