What Michael Vick Should Do With The Money From His New Contract

By Troy Pfaff

On Monday night, the Philadelphia Eagles announced the signing of QB Michael Vick to a six-year/ $100 million contract. While “only” $40 million of that is guaranteed money, it’s still more than enough to get Vick back on his feet after that 21-month jail term and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

That, or it’s enough to land him back in the doghouse – no pun intended. After all, Vick bought the property in Virginia that would become Bad Newz Kennels almost immediately after receiving the $3 million bonus that came with the signing of his $62 million rookie contract with the Atlanta Falcons. In 2004, Vick would sign a 10-year, $130 million contract extension.

We saw what Vick did the first time he had access to that kind of money, and now he finds himself in the same situation. What will Vick do to keep himself out of trouble this time around? Maybe he should open his own restaurant like many responsible athletes do!

What kind of restaurant should Vick open, you ask? To answer this, I’ve come up with a theoretical menu for Vick’s diner.

Didn’t make the menu: 76.9 Playoff QB Rating Pie.

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