Looking at the Second Team Match ups in the New York Giants VS New England Patriots Contest

By Chris Ransom

The New England Patriots have a decent 2nd team offense.  Brian Hoyer is New England’s 2nd team quarterback.  Nate Soldier should lead New England’s 2nd team offense in tonight’s preseason contest.  The New York Giants have a legit second team front 7 on defense with the 2nd team secondary being the weak point.  Its going to be hard to run on the New York Giants with such a tough run defense.

The New York Giants have an underrated 2nd team offense that has some solid backups who can fill in as starters when injuries occur.

New England’s 2nd team defense has quality depth.  It will be interesting to see if New England’s 2nd team defense can stop the New York Giants 2nd team offense even though I have my doubts at this point.

The reason I have my doubts is because the Giants have some known players on their 2nd team like Sage Rosenfells, Jamon Merideth, Mitch Petrus, along with the wide receiver depth, and Bear Pascoe at tight end.

These 2nd team New York Giants players may be scrubs on a first team roster, but the Giants 2nd team roster can provide quality depth on a backup roster.  It pains me to admit this because I am still kind of down about the 18-1 season 3 years ago even though most

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