The 5 Most Surprising Roster Cuts for the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles

By Bryn Swartz

The 53-man roster for the Philadelphia Eagles has been finalized and the first game of the season is just eight days away.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the Eagles’ roster is perfect. Far from it, in fact.

Below are the five most surprising roster cuts for the Eagles.

5. Mike McGlynn: McGlynn entered last season as a backup and ended up playing in more snaps than any other player on the team (1132). He can play tackle and center and is a lot cheaper as a backup center than nine-year veteran Jamaal Jackson.

4. Derek Landri: The 27-year old was signed as a free agent a little over a month ago. He played in the ninth most snaps out of any defensive tackle in the league last season. He isn’t good enough to start for the Eagles but he would be an ideal candidate for the defensive line rotation.

3. Anthony Hargrove: Hargrove is in the same boat as Landri, except he played better than Landri at camp and brought an unexpected energy and leadership ability to the defense. He’s undersized but I had him as the week 1 starter for a while (before we knew that Patterson would return).

2. Donald Lee: The 30-year old tight end was signed on the first day of free agency and was expected by some to compete with Brent Celek for the starting job. Instead he ended up behind Clay Harbor on the depth chart, resulting in him getting cut.

1. Joselio Hanson: Nobody expected Hanson to be with the 2011 Eagles. But none of us expected him to get cut. We all thought that he would be traded (for a fourth or fifth round draft pick). Cut? He’s 30, but he’s one of the better nickel cornerbacks in the league. He is better right now than three cornerbacks who made the Eagles’ roster: Curtis Marsh, Brandon Hughes, and Trevard Lindley.

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