Jim Tressel Should be Suspended Five Games by the NFL

By Johnny Machurek

Jim Tressel, who was just hired by the Indianapolis Colts as the instant replay consultant, needs to serve a five game suspension.

Jim Tressel, who earlier this year resigned as head coach of THE Ohio State Buckeyes, has found a job already with the Colts.  Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to levy a five-game suspension, the same that was given to former Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  Pryor who was not going to be eligible to play at Ohio State this year attempted to go to the NFL Supplemental Draft.  The commissioner deemed him eligible but informed him he would be suspended five-games, he was than taken in the third round by the Oakland Raiders.

If Mr. Goodell is going to impose a NCAA sanction on Pryor the same should be done to a coach.  Pryor who said he would not fight the suspension has since changed his mind, after seeing his former coach would not receive a suspension.  Either Pryor and Tressel should both serve a suspension or neither should serve one, both should receive the same treatment.

Goodell has shown before he comes down different on players and coaches, just look at the New England Patriots.  Players like “Pacman” Jones, Chris Henry, and “Tank” Johnson were given long suspensions while the Patriots who were caught filming other teams practices only had their first round pick taken from them.

The commissioner has a chance to show fairness here and impose suspensions on both player and coach, and to show that no one is above the law in the NFL.  Time will tell what will be done but I implore the commissioner to be fair in this case.

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