Mike Shanahan Names Rex Grossman As The Redskins Starter

By Kelso Carpenter

Well, it’s official.

In a somewhat surprising move, Mike Shanahan went ahead and named the starter for Sunday’s first regular season game against the New York Giants:  Rex Grossman.

The decision makes plenty of sense.  Grossman outperformed Beck in nearly every category this preseason.  He’s also got an extra year in the offense.  He’s not going to throw for five touchdowns a game, and he may have the occasional fumble or interception, but he’s accurate and knows where to deliver the ball.

Additionally, having a potentially very solid running game this year with the combination of Tim Hightower, Ryan Torain, and rookie Roy Helu will surely help Grossman run the offense efficiently.

Congratulations to Rex.  He’s come a long way since his disastrous exit from the city of Chicago.  He’s certainly paid his dues and it’s good to see him get his shot to prove the naysayers wrong.

Make no mistake though.  Mike and Kyle Shanahan still have plenty of confidence in John Beck.  If Rex Grossman struggles early, don’t be surprised to see this quarterback competition re-emerge.






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