Dolphins should bring Garrard south

By chriswalsh

I knew David Garrard when he first got to Jacksonville. He and his wife moved downstairs of the girl’s apartment I was dating at the time. The former ECU quarterback was just happy to be in the NFL, backing up Byron Leftwich and not knowing he would be one of the faces of the franchise for the next decade.

Fast forward to today, when news broke that the Jags would be battling Cincinnati for next year’s top draft pick. Garrard leaves in the same surprising way he came in, as a surprising note as the season begins.

Technically, Garrard did make the Pro Bowl in 2009, reserve pick-up or not. He hasn’t been stand-out during his career, but he has helped a poor Jacksonville team stay relevant in a tough division.

Now, as a free agent, the Dolphins should be picking him up ASAP. Yep, all caps. Miami needs him, as do many teams. You never hear Garrard battling coaches or players. Because he’s a stand-up vet, that is invaluable.

Teams like Miami, who will start Chad Henne and have Matt Moore as a back-up, should look long and hard at Garrard. No, he can’t start the season this Sunday, but as of Week 1, Garrard will be among the top 5 reserve QB’s.

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