Jack Del Rio Needs To Go

By Joey Farbo

Jack Del Rio has shown once again he is not capable of being a head coach in the NFL.

Tuesday was the latest example of Del Rio mishandling his control over the Jaguars roster when he decided to release veteran starter David Garrard out of the blue five days before the regular season opener against the Titans.

I don’t know how Del Rio feels, but I think there is something wrong with cutting the quarterback who you tied your fate to in 2007 and rode all the way to a big contract extension in a manner like this. A contract extention that may be the only reason Del Rio is still the coach of the Jaguars.

Hours before Garrard was informed of his fate, he was presented at a Jaguars luncheon as the starting quarterback. Del Rio embarrassed the franchise that has stood by him for eight mediocre seasons by allowing them to present a guy to the community who hours later would not be on the roster.  I can only imagine the look on Garrard’s face when he was informed of his release.

This latest move is one of the many questionable moves that Del Rio has made in his tenure as the head coach in Jacksonville. Boasting only one playoff victory and a very average 65-63 record in the eight seasons he has coached so far, it seems that he has managed to change all of the parts around him several times but the end result never changes.

Del Rio is a coach with a defensive background, but the biggest problem with the Jaguars over the past four seasons has been the defense. The Jaguars have repeatedly proclaimed that the defense has been fixed and that the rebuilding process was over. Del Rio even went as far as to suggest it was his magic dust that he sprinkled on the Jaguars defense that played a role in the improvement, but after the preseason it has become apparent that the Jaguars defense is no better than it was last season. Most experts do not share Del Rio’s optimism for the Jaguars 2011 season.

It appears that the only magic act Del Rio has is his ability to keep his job despite delivering sub-par results year after year.

Now with this latest move, Del Rio has another convenient excuse to fall back on if the Jaguars stumble out of the gate in 2011. Even though Del Rio decided to cut Garrard this close to the season he will ultimately use the chaos created by the situation as his excuse for why his team isn’t performing.

Unfortunately it is too late to cut Del Rio before the season starts, but after today he has firmly placed himself under the most fire of any head coach heading into the 2011 season. Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver has been loyal to Del Rio to a fault and it has led to him alienating a portion of the fan base who has been fed up with Del Rio and his tendency to pass off blame on his coaching staff and players.

At some point Weaver has to see that the problem with his franchise may very well be Del Rio.


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