Washington Redskins Name Rex Grossman Their Starting QB (and Officially Give Up On the 2011 Season)

After a one-month training camp battle, the Washington Redskins have decided to go with Rex Grossman as their starting quarterback over John Beck.

Let me repeat that. Rex Grossman is their starting quarterback.

In eight seasons in the National Football League, Grossman has established himself as one of the biggest busts of the last decade. He has 40 career touchdown passes and 40 career interceptions. He’s never had a passer rating above the league average, even during his abbreviated seasons.

The former first-round draft pick has played one full season (2006). That year, he threw for 23 touchdowns and 20 interceptions, and “led” the Bears to the Super Bowl, where he threw two interceptions and fumbled twice.

He’s 31 years old and has no future in the NFL.

And even with all of that, he is a thousand times better than John Beck, whose quarterbacking ability can best be described as putrid.

I searched him on Pro-Football-Reference and he was listed as “John Beck 2007-2007.” Nope, that’s not accurate. He’s actually somehow still in the league.

A second-round draft pick by the Miami Dolphins in 2007, Beck has made exactly four starts in his career. He lost all of them. He has thrown one touchdown pass. ONE.

By comparison, Philadelphia Eagles backup running back Ronnie Brown–a former teammate of Beck’s–has thrown for two touchdowns.

Starting Beck would have been the stupidest decision made by a head coach in the history of the National Football League. And not going out and signing an established veteran–ANYBODY–is almost as stupid.

Kevin Kolb was on the trade block. Kyle Orton.

Kerry Collins was a free agent. Brett Favre was available.

41-year old Jeff Garcia. 55-year old Dan Marino. 61-year old Terry Bradshaw. SOMEBODY.

As it is, the Washington Redskins have officially given their season away. Mark my words. They will be one of the worst teams in the National Football League this season.

It sure doesn’t help that they don’t have a solid running game or quality wide receivers. They don’t have a good defense. And their schedule won’t help them at all.

They’ll be lucky to win four games. I have them going 3-13. Oh, and I don’t expect Mr. “The Redskins are the team to beat” Grossman to last the season. I think he will be benched for Mr. One Career Touchdown Pass around week eight.

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  • http://scattermall.com/scattermallsports/ Sports Scatter

    “Starting Beck would have been the stupidest decision made by a head coach in the history of the National Football League.”

    oh, please

    • Mike Hodgson

      My arms are in the air (not celebrating a TD) I’m at a loss as to why they didn’t get somebody especially Kolb when he became available he was only dumped by Philly because of Vick. The Skins are doomed. I have tickets for the game against the Bills I hope they have somebody else leading the team before October 30.

  • Rashid

    Wait…who is this guy writing…I bet you he wouldn’t be willing to put up his car or house that the redskins will go 3-13…or worse…now would you…cause if you would, we can certainly talk…and I’ll take you up on that bet immediately…

  • mitch

    you’re stupid. i’m tired of showing stats and numbers. have fun in that dark area of not knowing enough to be credible.

  • Tuck

    This has been the most pathetically written article I have ever read. Apparently, you didn’t watch the baltimore game where the offensive line push the BALTIMORE DEFENSIVE LINE AROUND! You don’t know the game of football!!

  • Kevin McGowan

    This Bryn Swartz is a bonafide idiot, or maybe simply blind. No running game? No quality receivers? Not a good defense? I know preseason is just preseason, but if nothing else, we have shown that we will be competitive this year, and this preseason was very unusual due to the lockout, etc. We are no doubt improved over last season when we won six games, IDIOT! And at least two games were lost due to the kicking game, which also looks improved, as we stuck with a talented rookie kicker during his shaky first season. I’d like to hear what Bryn has to say after the season. I hope he’s man enough to eat a lot of crow!

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