Dallas Cowboys 14th in Both Major NFL Power Rankings for Week 1

By Jeric Griffin

With the 2011 NFL season just one day away, the big boys released their Week 1 power rankings. ESPN and NFL.com each told us how they think all 32 NFL teams stack up heading into the latest regular season of the greatest sport on earth. The Dallas Cowboys came in at 14th in both rankings, near the Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants. Below you’ll see ESPN’s rankings, NFL.com’s standings and my own opinion of the NFL hierarchy:


ESPN NFL.com Jeric Griffin
Packers Packers Packers
Patriots Patriots Steelers
Steelers Saints Patriots
Eagles Steelers Saints
Saints Jets Jets
Falcons Eagles Colts
Jets Chargers Ravens
Ravens Falcons Eagles
Colts Ravens Buccaneers
Chargers Texans Falcons
Texans Giants Chargers
Buccaneers Colts Cowboys
Bears Buccaneers Lions
Cowboys Cowboys Giants
Giants Lions Texans
Lions Bears Rams
Rams Rams Chiefs
Chiefs Chiefs Bears
Jaguars Raiders Raiders
Vikings Cardinals Vikings
Cardinals Vikings Cardinals
Raiders Titans Titans
Titans Dolphins Browns
Dolphins Jaguars Dolphins
Seahawks Browns 49ers
49ers 49ers Jaguars
Broncos Bills Broncos
Redskins Seahawks Bills
Browns Redskins Seahawks
Bills Broncos Redskins
Panthers Bengals Bengals
Bengals Panthers Panthers


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